Welcome to DrummondSQL-DEMO

Thanks for visiting!  If you are a small business and don’t currently have an on premise database administrator or systems administrator, We may have a solution for you.  We specialize in database and system implementation.  We offer both consulting and short-term contracting at a great cost, so please reach out to us by email at scott@drummondsql.com.

Mission Statement - It’s simple.  We are here to help your small business.  Paying for a systems administrator can be price with the average salary around $50,000, while a database administrator would run you upwards of $65,000.  If you aren’t ready to commit to that kind of salary, then our consulting or short-term contracting services might be just what you need. If you are ready to make a hiring decision about a Systems Administrator / Database Administrator, I offer technical interview assistance, please see my services page for more details.